Planning, Eating and My Conscience

I’m not a bad cook. I’ll never win any awards but I can usually rustle something up. Since I went on the fitness kick, things have got a bit tougher. I’m relatively well educated when it comes to nutrition but have found a few gotchas in the last couple of years and all the contradictory advice about what is good for you and what is not can be more than a little confusing for my poor head at times.

I’ve tried a diet club once or twice in my teens but, quite frankly, found them disheartening and of no particular value. I can provide all the support I need internally and on the days when that support is not available, no amount of external support is going to help. If I can plan my meals, even if it’s only in my head, that usually helps and I eat fairly well but there are weeks when I suffer from a chronic lack of imagination.  When that happens, I rarely feel like eating anything and consequently when I do it’s often the wrong thing.

I would really like to be able to conquer my sugar and chocolate addiction but – seriously – the devil on my shoulder makes me lack the conviction to do anything concrete about it.  I understand the logic behind cutting down and giving up sugar intellectually but it’s a hard one for me emotionally.  It just tastes so damned good.  I have nobody to blame but myself.

The other thing that really doesn’t help is that I’m a fussy eater.  Or I have a fussy palate.  Whichever way you look at it, there are certain foods that I just plain do not like.  Fish is one.  I also struggle with vegetables.  When I was younger, the only veg I would eat would be potatoes and carrots.  I’m better than that now but acquiring the taste for new foods is a long and slow process for me and I still pull faces and stick out my tongue when faced with things like broccoli and spinach and other good green vegetables.  I do try to incorporate them now and again and found a fabulous high fibre, lowish fat lasagne recipe that incorporated spinach in one of the layers.  I made it, I loved it and couldn’t really taste the spinach so it was a win:win for me.  I also found a prepared vegetable dish in one of our supermarkets that incorporated little pieces of broccoli so that I managed to get some of that without noticing, but it’s a hard struggle.  I just don’t like the taste.

I’ve never been a great fruit lover either.  It’s not that I don’t like fruit – it just does nothing for me and I’m not wildly keen on it.  I can tolerate the occasional banana or apple but the last thought when shopping and seeing a pallet load of fruit is “oh I must buy some of those raspberries / strawberries / kiwi fruit / oranges [delete as appropriate] and consequently they don’t end up in my basket. I trawl recipe books and websites frequently to try and get some ideas for healthy recipes but still I find inappropriate items in my shopping basket when I get home.

Maybe the re-education of my palate is like everything else about this journey of mine – slow but steadily forward.

I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

3 thoughts on “Planning, Eating and My Conscience

  1. I tried to give up chocolate but found it dam well impossible to give it up, I like it, I want it and that’s that!! well that said….I gave up all the cheap chocolate if must indulge, it must be as close to 100% dark chocolate as possible, Trader Joes as a 97%, and then only an ounce…but it you cut that into little piece and let it dissolve on your tongue, its yummy!! I changed from white sugar and sugar substitutes, to sugar in the raw….I also heard that if you eat an orange every time you want chocolate you will stop craving it in 3 days….malarkey I say!!! slow an steady…one meal at a time….

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