This morning I was reminded why I don’t wear a particular pair of trousers to work any more. It’s because the zipper is broken. As I remembered after I’d been in the office for 10 whole minutes. Thank goodness I wore a t-shirt long enough. That’ll teach me to get things fixed a bit quicker… Read More Reminders

Pills and Ills

Everywhere I look at the moment, I seem to be bombarded with messages about medication: new medication; improved medication; new and improved medication; preventative medication. Maybe it’s my age – now that I’ve reached a certain point in my life, it’s assumed that I’m going to start suffering from all sorts of things for which… Read More Pills and Ills

The Cat Lady

I used to joke when I was younger that my biggest ambition in life was to become a Crazy Cat Lady.  It was never serious – I mean – the cat lady is a stereotypically grumpy old woman who sits around in her smelly old house, surrounded by her feline brood, shunning human company and… Read More The Cat Lady