An Introduction to me

I’m now at an age where I don’t really count on birthdays.  I’m just 25+x and don’t really see the need to be any older.  Inside I’m 25 even if my body occasionally reminds me that I am most certainly not that young any more.  I’m fiercely independent, headstrong, opinionated and assertive.  I also love helping people and passing on any useful information I find on the off chance that it may assist someone else.

The content of this blog is varied: commentaries, personal stories, rants, observations, anecdotes and some utter nonsense.  Some of them make me sound like a grumpy old woman, which I am to some degree.  In general I don’t post say things to provoke or invite comments, debates or rebuttals, I post them to get them out of my head.  Sort of like a pensieve (for anyone who’s read Harry Potter).  I write the way I speak (one of the advantages of being able to type quickly) and I like to try and inject humour wherever possible.  Indeed reading my old posts has made me chuckle more than once (which is very bad form I know) although I do realise that you really had to be there for some of them!  I just like having my old postings together in one place.  So I know where to find them.  (I lose things frequently, my mind being at the top of the list)

As some of the old stuff is taken from old blogs and not complete, there may be obsolete references.  I apologise in advance for any non-sequiturs.

You are, of course, welcome to stay and peruse whatever is on here, so pull up a comfy chair, rest a while and get to know me a little better.


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