Retriever Cat!

Poppy becomes more of a mummy’s girl as the days and weeks go by. Her health is improving although we had a slightly fraught couple of months when she ended up getting whipped up to the vet when her breathing started to worry me.  I decided that maybe we should do some testing to try… Read More Retriever Cat!

The Cat Dance

Any cat parents out there will, I’m sure, sympathise and empathise with this post. As some of you know, I have four fur babies.  I prefer them to be in the house overnight and, most of the time, they’re relatively compliant during autumn, winter and spring (summer is a whole different ballgame).  They come and… Read More The Cat Dance

Not Today

Today I do not want to play. I have occasional days like this.  Some say they get out of bed on the wrong side.  My mother used to have an expression: “I could fight with a feather” but it’s not one of those days. Today I am tired. I’m tired of having to get out… Read More Not Today