I got a third job offer. This one looked like a good job.  Apart from the salary which was shite.  However, on balance, I thought it was a pretty good fit: the job content sounded interesting and even though the money was just about enough for me to pay my bills, there was scope for… Read More Jobhunting


It’s a simple word with a simple meaning. So how come so many people have no clue how to use it properly? adverb adverb: literally in a literal manner or sense; exactly. “the driver took it literally when asked to go straight over the roundabout” synonyms: verbatim, word for word, line for line, letter for… Read More Literally

How to Surprise Me

I’m a skeptic really.  Surprising me isn’t easy.  That’s not a challenge, just a simple fact. Skeptical and suspicious (at times) – <— that’s me. I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday.  As some of you may know, these appointments have usually resulted in disappointment, deflation and (in some cases) downright anger and resentment.… Read More How to Surprise Me

I’m Falling Apart!

Most of the time I can ignore the fact that I’m getting older (which is my default position).  This month I’ve realised just how many medical, dental and hospital appointments I’ve had recently and have got coming up: Optometry and opthamology (done); Endocrinology (this week); Rheumatology (May); Wisdom tooth extraction under sedation (April). 24 hour… Read More I’m Falling Apart!