I received an invitation from a friend of mine on Facebook for one of these parties which introduces “healthy living” type products.  I’ve always been one for looking into healthier products so I headed off to their website to take a look and see if, as usual, there were a bunch of overpriced and overstuffed… Read More Additives

And Back to Four

The recent fluctuating number of cats in my house has been enough to confuse me, never mind the cats. It became apparent last week that relations between Cara and Rocky were deteriorating fairly rapidly.  I had thought that they may settle but it seems I may have underestimated the effect that all the recent changes… Read More And Back to Four

Scaredy Cat

Funny how life works out.  A few days after I lost Doris, I was at the tattoo parlour getting my memorial tattoo updated with a new, small, black and white butterfly which was added right next to the mummy butterfly.  I found it strangely cathartic. Whilst there I was told about a 3 year old… Read More Scaredy Cat