Monday Reflections

This morning I am really so not in the mood. The events of Friday with my neighbour have caused me some introspection and I’m not entirely comfortable with my thoughts. I’ve realised that I just fundamentally do not really like most people.  I tolerate them and, at times, only just.  I’d much rather live somewhere… Read More Monday Reflections

Now I’m calm

After today’s earlier rant (see Neighbourliness), I’ve been to see my trainer and punched the hell out of his boxing pads until I could barely breathe.  It was very therapeutic let me tell you.  I apparently threw some pretty powerful punches – I’m sure that picturing my neighbour’s face on the front of the pads… Read More Now I’m calm


Warning  this post is going to contain some of my more colourful language, owing to the fact that the subject matter has really made me want to rip someone’s head off I’m having some work done on my house and as the minimum the bank would lend me was more than required, I’ve decided to… Read More Neighbourliness

The Chunterer

We have a member of staff here in our office whom I would describe as a “chunterer”.  His job is supporting customers so he talks a lot anyway.  It’s not unusual for him to be sitting on a call on his desk phone while his mobile starts to ring.  Unlike most folks, he is seemingly… Read More The Chunterer

Poppy The Lap Cat

I realise it’s been a while since I updated the blog with Poppy’s progress.  Five months actually.  Naughty me.  I think part of the reason was that I wasn’t too sure whether the requests for fusses would “stick”. I am therefore very pleased to report that by the end of April, we were seeing regular… Read More Poppy The Lap Cat

Thoughts on Love

I heard a phrase in a programme I was watching today: “I realised that he could be a man and he could change”.  It started me thinking about relationships and why so many people seem to think that love is enough and that basic incompatibilities can be overcome “because we love each other”.  I realise… Read More Thoughts on Love