Do “Corporate” and “Money” have to = Lack of Common Sense?

Today I’m having a rant about bees and pesticides and the sheer stupidity of the large corporates and government in allowing (or even considering to allow) bee (and other wildlife) killing pesticides to be used.  Anywhere.  At all.  Even the biggest idiot in the world has to realise that without pollination, everything crashes and burns. … Read More Do “Corporate” and “Money” have to = Lack of Common Sense?

About LouLou

This is LouLou. She came into my life in September 2009 only a couple of days after my beloved ginger tabby Coco had passed away. A friend of mine called me one afternoon. Her daughter was doing a placement at a local veterinary surgery and they had taken in a stray cat who had been… Read More About LouLou