Not Today

Today I do not want to play. I have occasional days like this.  Some say they get out of bed on the wrong side.  My mother used to have an expression: “I could fight with a feather” but it’s not one of those days. Today I am tired. I’m tired of having to get out… Read More Not Today

Thoughts on Love

I heard a phrase in a programme I was watching today: “I realised that he could be a man and he could change”.  It started me thinking about relationships and why so many people seem to think that love is enough and that basic incompatibilities can be overcome “because we love each other”.  I realise… Read More Thoughts on Love

Introducing Gaia

OK – anyone who knows me is aware that I’m a total pushover when it comes to felines.  My boss lost one of his cats a couple of months ago and is now looking for a companion for his remaining cat so my colleague and I decided we’d help him look online. Big mistake. I… Read More Introducing Gaia

Ho Ho Bloody Ho

Ten days before Christmas a text message arrived on my phone from a company I ordered from online back in September.  Their parent company had changed servers and although they assured me that full security measures were taken, there may have been a breach and they requested that we keep an eye on our bank accounts… Read More Ho Ho Bloody Ho