Retriever Cat!

Poppy becomes more of a mummy’s girl as the days and weeks go by.

Her health is improving although we had a slightly fraught couple of months when she ended up getting whipped up to the vet when her breathing started to worry me.  I decided that maybe we should do some testing to try and find out what was causing the problem as she would sound like Darth Vader and obviously had very congested airways.  After initial investigations it seems she has a partially paralysed flap in her larynx (quite unusual for cats) and we were referred to a specialist to discuss the (rather expensive) procedure to do a tieback.  After discussing the potential risks of the surgery and saying he wasn’t convinced that was the root of her problem, he proposed doing another barrage of tests (which would have cost £2,500 – £3,000).  This cost included repeating some of the tests already done, about which I was less than happy and, after talking things through with my own vet, we made the decision to manage her condition with low dose steroids.

As mentioned in my previous post Poppy The Lap Cat she was weighing in at 4.93kg – that gradually climbed earlier this year up to 5.7kg and then 6.26kg!  I knew she was putting on weight as she was a right old lump to pick up and get into the cat carrier.  I thought that it was the steroids putting weight on her but after the 6.26kg weigh in I had a startling moment of clarity – she was gorging on the dried cat food which sits around the house in various places as my other fur babies are grazers.  I’d never seen her eating excessively but I thought maybe she was visiting the bowls a bit too often so I moved them out of her reach (yes, I know – mean mum).  Six weeks later, another checkup and she was down to 5.75kg.  She’s never cried for food and never cleans the bowl out when it’s put down for her so not having the dried food on tap is obviously not a problem for her and I feel much better than she’s moving down the scale instead of inexorably up.

She now snuggles on the bed next to me at night and occasionally wakes me up in the middle of the night by snuggling right into me, purring loudly in my ear, which is lovely and all but I wish she wouldn’t do it at 4am, especially as the snuggling is usually coupled with a release of pungent cat breath right into my face and up my nose (she has trouble breathing through her nose nearly all the time and therefore is almost exclusively a mouth breather).

Now she waits for me behind the front door when she hears my car pulling onto the drive and if she misses that (because she’s sunning herself in the back garden) she will come when I call, which is very endearing.   If I hear her coming through the back door and call her name, she comes galloping through the kitchen, pulls up in front of me and sort of snorty sighs.  I’d post a video of it but I’m too much of a skinflint at the moment to pay for a premium membership here so can’t upload videos.  Take it from me though, it’s really sweet and I find it very gratifying.





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