The Thyroid Eye Disease Saga Continues

I’m now into month 14 of having a wonky right eye.  Since my original post about TED About Thyroid Eye Disease back in the Summer last year, I’ve had another six monthly check up with the optometrist in December.  He confirmed that, although the vertical drift of the eye appeared to be on a similar level to my previous visit, the horizontal drift that was manifesting had completely disappeared.

One thing that really helped with my recovery was, strangely enough, my osteopath.  Whilst visiting him for help with my ankle which was taking way too long to recover from a fall that I had in May, I mentioned the problems with my eye and that I’d been diagnosed with TED and all the hullabaloo about having fallen and hit my head a couple of days before the double vision started and he did one of his characteristic “hmmm ….”s.  “I’ll take a look at that in a moment when I’ve finished with your ankle” he said.

As you may know, I’m a big fan of osteopaths.  They have, over the years, saved me a lot of pain, time and trouble and been worth every penny that I’ve shelled out on them.  I would never have thought to see an osteopath for TED, or even for a bump on the head.  Even after 30 years, I’m still not fully clued up on their full skillset (when you have a good one, that is!) so I was a little sceptical about what he would be able to do.  Four sessions later, I can honestly say that the difference was noticeable: the eye was able to remain comparatively straight and it was after this course of treatment that I found I could manage quite happily without a Fresnel prism on my glasses most of the time.

It has bad days when I’m just really tired and it drifts downwards slightly but most of the time, I can coax it back to where it’s supposed to be.  My pet theory on this one was that, if you damage something in your leg that requires you to use a crutch, the crutch only gets used until your leg is strong enough to be used on its own.  Why should my eye be any different?  I don’t believe I’m going to get the affected muscle in my eye any stronger if I keep using a crutch (prism) all the time.  That theory seems to be supported by the fact that whilst the hospital was giving me ever stronger prisms, it seemed to be getting weaker and need ever more help to see straight until it got to the point where it was looking at the floor in the mornings when I got out of bed, which is most disconcerting.  I was unable to correct the double vision that I had without a +6 dioptre prism on my glasses.

My hope is, that by the next appointment with the optometrist in June, my eye will be well on its way to “recovering” its normal function and I’ll be discharged from the hospital’s care.

As my mother would have said, I’m sure a lot of the recovery is down to my sheer bloody-mindedness and, if that’s the case, I say “Pat me on the back and tell me what a good job I’ve done”

No scalpels or surgery for me thank you very much.



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