The Joys of Menopause (Not)

I’ve now got to that age where certain things are inevitable, like menopause.  Like a lot of women, I’ve had varying symptoms for a number of years which may or not be attributable to menopause.  Over the last year or so, the hot flashes have made their presence known with increasing force.

Luckily, I’m not a person who gets embarrassed very easily so the fact that my neck and chest turn puce and sweat starts running down my forehead and my palms become sodden and slippery doesn’t really bother me from the point of view of what other people think but it’s bloody irritating and, most of the time, inconvenient.

I always said that I didn’t want to go down the HRT route but earlier this year the symptoms became so bad that I was waking up several times a night, absolutely drenched and consequently becoming even more short tempered than normal due to lack of quality sleep so I took myself off to the doctor.  As most of you know I’m not a big fan of GPs any more, having been let down badly by more than one over the years but I decided it may be worth a punt.  10 minutes later I came out armed with a prescription for low dose HRT and within 3 days the symptoms had vanished.  Well, the hot flashes at least.  After 3 months, they started to creep back and again and a stronger dose was prescribed (incurring two prescription charges – about which I was less than happy).  I found myself at home, staring down at the box of pills and thinking “I really don’t want to do this”.  I fail to see the logic in replacing the something that the body is naturally decreasing.  If I stayed on them long term (which I was loathe to do), what would happen when I came off them?  Menopausal hot flashes all over again?  I didn’t fancy that.

A friend of mine was using progesterone cream and I wondered whether it may be worth trying to source something like that but, again, I questioned the wisdom of putting something on or into my body that my ageing system was trying to cut down on – so that was discounted after a bit of research.  Another reason for nixing that thought was the fact that I’m taking enough supplements and minerals on a daily basis anyway, so the thought of trying to fit yet something else into that already very busy schedule was unappealing at best.

I ended up seeing a homeopath, courtesy of another friend’s recommendation.  Homeopathy is not something that I’ve looked into at all over the years and so this was unchartered territory for me.  She took a complete medical history, asked about all of my symptoms and I came out of there with a homeopathic remedy designed to address my menopausal symptoms.  I’d like to be able to say that it was the same “miracle cure” that my friend had experienced but I’d be lying.  It certainly eradicated the emotional rollercoaster that I’d been on within a matter of days but it took 3 remedies and about 3 months to reduce the flashes to an acceptable and manageable level but I’m getting there, although there are still occasions where I want to park myself in the freezer for 5 minutes or so!





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