Retaining Sanity

I do my best to be considerate towards my fellow human beings, despite a lot of provocation.

When I’m walking along a path, I’m well aware of anyone coming towards me and always move to the side of the path so that there’s room for both of us.

When I’m in my car, I do my best to keep up with the traffic, unless everyone else is speeding, in which case I do my best to keep to the speed limit.  If I’ve missed a junction or positioned myself badly for a turn, I will mostly put myself out and take a longer route so as to avoid cutting across traffic.

In the office, I do my best to consider my fellow employees:  I top up the coffee machine when the beans or water are getting low.  I rinse teaspoons when I’ve used them, mop up any spills on the counter (a small miracle for me as I’m a messy bugger at home but don’t see the need to inflict my mess on other people).  I try to avoid raising my voice when I’m on the phone (it’s an open plan office) and generally try to keep my noise and mess footprint as low as possible.

Other people, however, don’t seem to consider anything outside of their own sphere, walking in the middle of the path, talking or texting on their phone or being two abreast, deep in conversation, and seemingly oblivious to the fact that there are, in fact, other people in the world and indeed other people who may be using the same footpath.  For me, the worst are the parents pushing buggies – they seem to think that they’ve got an automatic right to take up the entire path and everyone else should move out of their way.

There are those (as we’ve all come across them) that think you’re not going fast enough on the road and sit two inches from your back bumper, seemingly in an attempt to speed you up (despite you sticking to the speed limit).  Or the folks who think it’s acceptable to zoom up the wrong (quieter) lane at a motorway roundabout and then attempt to bully their way into the correct lane as they’re obviously far too important to queue or wait or spend any longer than absolutely necessary doing no speed at all.

And I know I’ve ranted about the office on more than one occasion but how fricking hard is it to rinse off a spoon, or fill up the water tank or coffee beans *while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew*.  On the rare occasions when I’ve forgotten my door passkey (I think it’s happened twice in eight years) then I will make sure that I borrow someone’s card when I have to pop out, either to the loo or out of the building.  Other people here think it’s acceptable to mislay their pass and then ring the bell. Every. Time. They. Need. Back. In.  With no apologies for being a bloody nuisance.  We don’t have a receptionist here – there are simply two entry phones, one at the front of the office and one at the back.  And yes, you’ve guessed it, the one at the back is by my desk.  My point is that, if this was actually a proper secure environment, they wouldn’t be able to get into the office at all without their pass.  Whilst having a little bit of a pop at this individual yesterday, someone else said that they were too scared to forget their pass now after having been berated by me for it on a previous occasion.  I say if me being stroppy and giving them a hard time for not being considerate gives them pause for thought, then that’s a good thing -!

I absolutely 100% refuse to sink to this level of inconsideration.  Courtesy, to me, is a dying virtue and I am holding onto mine as hard as I can.  Much as I would love to grab some of these people by the scruff of the neck and point out the error of their ways, or slam on my brakes so that they embed their cars in my rear bumper, these things are not usually helpful.  And apparently slapping someone senseless for an infraction of the rules of consideration is frowned upon.





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