The Bathroom Refit

So today work on the new bathroom starts.  I’ve taken the “before” photographs but stopped short of actually cleaning off the layers of dust from the furthest reaches of the floor, especially as you can’t see them on the pictures 😉

The fittings and accoutrements have been gradually appearing in my spare bedroom: new bath, sink and toilet together with shower screen, shower and radiator and last weekend I went out to choose the tiles and vinyl flooring.

Firstly, I forgot how damned expensive tiling was.  Fortunately there’s enough in the budget for 10 square metres of the stuff.  I should have really clicked when the guy in the shop asked what car I was driving that the tiles would be a little heavy.  As it was, three boxes went into the boot, two on the back seat and two in the front footwell.  My poor little car had little clearance between the wheels and the suspension after that!  I drove home nice and carefully and started to hump these gargantuan boxes up the stairs to the spare room.  After three trips, I half collapsed on the top step, covered in sweat and puffing like a steam train and decided that the remainder could sit in the downstairs hall, behind the front door, and be taken up when I was feeling brave.  I figured that each box probably weighs the best part of 20kg so I think I can forgive myself for quitting when I did!

Onwards and upwards – I’m planning on taking daily pictures to keep track of progress and am looking forward to it all being finished!



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