Ankles, Eyes and Osteopaths

A few weeks ago I decided that my ankle wasn’t as good as it should be after having fallen over back in May and damaging a few of the ligaments so I headed off to see my osteopath to make sure everything in the foot was where it was supposed to be and get any tightness sorted out.

We usually have a good old chat during treatment and I mentioned the problems I’ve been having with my eye and the fact that I’ve now been diagnosed with Thyroid Eye Disease although I said I was a little perplexed that nobody seemed to think that the bang I’d received to my head a few days before the symptoms started was in any way pertinent to the double vision.

“Hmm ….” he said

“Hmmm?” I asked

“Let’s have a little look” he said, once he was finished cranking the bones, muscles and everything else in my feet and ankles.

Even after 30 or so years of seeing an osteopath it never occurred to me to mention the bump on the head or the double vision in the context of receiving treatment for it from him.  Being a huge advocate of osteopaths and “alternative” treatments, however, I was quite excited at the thought that he may be able to help me.  My eye has been puffy for about six months now and it can be fun making people feel a bit sick when I do my “party trick” and look up with my left eye, only to have my right eye still pointing towards the floor!

Although the prism helps my vision during the day, once I get tired in the evenings, I sometimes have to fiddle with a stronger prism in order to be able to see properly which is tiresome, to say the least.

After three treatments (some of which have been very painful) I’m able to manage with a 4 dioptre prism (I had been up to 6 dioptres) and don’t need to fiddle with stronger ones in the evenings and my right eye is now starting to move much better.  Progress is slow but it’s definitely in the right direction.

Does this mean I *don’t* have thyroid eye disease?  I really don’t know – the opthamologists seemed to think that the scan I had on my eyes definitively proved it was TED.  All I know is that my symptoms have been relieved by osteopathy once again and I’m very relieved.



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