Monday Reflections

This morning I am really so not in the mood.

The events of Friday with my neighbour have caused me some introspection and I’m not entirely comfortable with my thoughts.

I’ve realised that I just fundamentally do not really like most people.  I tolerate them and, at times, only just.  I’d much rather live somewhere in isolation in the company of nature and animals.

I’m sick and tired of having to skirt around peoples’ egos and personality quirks.  I’m tired of people not taking responsibility for their own issues and inflicting them on others.  I’m wholeheartedly fed up with the lack of common sense and basic intelligence in the wider population.  I mean – let’s face it – if lack of common sense was terminal, the human race would be a lot smaller wouldn’t it?

I have always done my best to be pleasant and polite to people, even when they’re complete cockwombles.  Their lack of manners and consideration doesn’t mean that I should respond to them in the same way and so I do my best to kill them with kindness.  That doesn’t mean to say that inside my head I’m not knocking seven bells out of them but externally I’m calm and reasonable.

Well, I’m sick of it.

I’ve now got to the age where I can be a grumpy old woman and I think that I’m going to start taking advantage of it and be a cantankerous old cow.  Being nice has got me absolutely nowhere except getting a pile of someone else’s dirty shitty laundry dumped on me.

If someone does something stupid, I will point it out to them

The next time someone pisses me off, they’re going to know about it

No more Mrs Nice Lady.  I’m done.




2 thoughts on “Monday Reflections

  1. You can get away with lots of things when your old. I bought these batman house slippers because they were cheap, and no one would really see them as I wore them in the house. They were so comfortable I forgot I had them on and went shopping in them. Nothing I would have said to anyone would have surprised them.

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