Now I’m calm

After today’s earlier rant (see Neighbourliness), I’ve been to see my trainer and punched the hell out of his boxing pads until I could barely breathe.  It was very therapeutic let me tell you.  I apparently threw some pretty powerful punches – I’m sure that picturing my neighbour’s face on the front of the pads helped with that.  Now that I’m calmer, thoughts are whizzing around in my head: things I want to say to him which I know would do absolutely no good at all but I need to get them out of my head and onto virtual paper to give my brain some peace, so here I have composed a letter, will post it below and that way my thoughts will be, once again, still:


To my neighbour

I wanted to write a note to clarify a couple of things after this morning’s altercation.

Firstly, you seem to have made an assumption that I wilfully asked my contractors to place the inverter in its first position. You seemed to be of the opinion that I was lying when I said that today was the first time I had seen it. Let me assure you truthfully that I had absolutely no clue what that unit looked like as I went out of the house just after the contractors arrived and it was already installed on the wall when I came home. Am I guilty of lack of thought about it? Yes, undoubtedly I am. It would never have occurred to me that the placement of the unit would cause so much displeasure and I apologise unreservedly for my lack of awareness. If my neighbour at the bottom of my garden (whose flank wall overlooks my garden) installed the same thing, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, which is why I was so perplexed at your reaction. There was absolutely no malice intended here, whatever you seem to believe.

Secondly, had you thought to come around to talk to me about the issue instead of complaining to my contractor, you would have found me very apologetic and I would have been only too happy to work out a compromise. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not the type of person who makes a habit of offending people and always try and see a situation from all angles before acting. As mentioned above, thoughtlessness meant that I really had no idea how much of a problem it would be. As it was, I came home to find my contractor telling me that my neighbour was “kicking off” about the installation and your aggressive demeanour to both him and me did little other than escalate the situation. You may disagree that your attitude was aggressive, but not allowing me to finish what I was saying, talking over the top of me together and accusing me of lying is very much aggressive behaviour and discourteous and not what I would expect from an adult. Your veiled threat of malicious damage if I did not acquiesce to your demands was also really not appreciated and was totally unnecessary.

Furthermore I take offence at your accusation that I was being patronising: I was simply trying to get you to afford me the courtesy of listening to what I had to say which was difficult to say the least.

As it is the unit has now been moved further down the flank wall, as requested, and I trust that this matter is now at an end and never needs to be mentioned again.

Ah.  That feels better!



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