The Chunterer

We have a member of staff here in our office whom I would describe as a “chunterer”.  His job is supporting customers so he talks a lot anyway.  It’s not unusual for him to be sitting on a call on his desk phone while his mobile starts to ring.  Unlike most folks, he is seemingly unable to ignore *any* call so will start saying “hold on, hold on a minute – my other phone is ringing” to whomever he is speaking and he will answer his mobile.

Heaven forbid that someone then tries to get hold of him on Skype – he’ll do his best to answer that AS WELL (I’ve seen this happen – it’s highly entertaining)

This afternoon, as has happened on occasion before, he unusually is not taking a call on any of his devices.  And so the chuntering begins:

We have been treated to a rendition of Cliff Richard’s “Summer Holiday” (with most of the words wrong)

He’s asked whether one staff member is in.  When he hasn’t been in all day (this guy isn’t always the most observant in the world)

He randomly calls out to other members of staff asking questions, then will look up only to find that person is not at their desk, or even in the office!

He will randomly decide to read out emails that have come in much earlier in the day, when everyone else has read and dealt with them.

It’s another 4 weeks or so until he goes on holiday.  Everyone in the office knows he’s going on holiday and pretty much everyone in the entire company will know before he actually leaves, as will most of the customers and engineers to whom he speaks on a regular basis.  One of the standing jokes here is someone asking (on the first day of this individual’s holiday): “Where’s xxxx?” and then we all fall about laughing as everyone, including the cleaner, has been told multiple times.

Don’t get me wrong – he’s a lovely guy he just drives most of us totally batty when the chuntering starts 🙂

I almost hope that his phone starts ringing soon ….


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