I Will Never Understand

I do not, cannot and will never, understand why it’s acceptable to have absolutely no consideration for other people.

When I was a child, I was taught to be considerate of others, whether it be concerning my manners, behaviour or noise level.  It seems everyone nowadays thinks that children should be children and allowed to pretty much do whatever they like and not suffer any consequences.

I have a neighbour who has a child who is approaching his teenage years.  I have, on more than one occasion, had cause to complain about the noise coming from their garden, mainly because of several children shouting, screaming and generally carrying on and my back door being right next to the fence which separates our two properties.  I had originally started off by calling over the fence to the children concerned (nice and politely) and requesting that they keep the noise down.  Until the day when, within five minutes, the noise level went up even further and I saw one of the children concerned jumping up on the trampoline and deliberately screaming directly at my back door at the top of their lungs.  Needless to say, I saw red mist in front of my eyes at that point and was ready to commit an illegal act.  Fortunately for the child concerned, its parent had heard the racket and came to break up the party.

What about me eh?  Do I not have the right to “peaceful enjoyment” of the property that I bought a number of years before the family moved in next door?  Is it unreasonable to expect that, when the weather is hot, I can open my doors and windows to allow some fresh air to circulate and not to have to turn the TV volume way up, just so that I can hear what’s going on over the racket next door?

As you may know from previous entries, I decided when I was in my early teens that I didn’t want children.  I have never been particularly fond of them and always said that I was too selfish to have them.  I enjoy my single, childfree life and being able to do what I want, when I want.  I live quietly, don’t make much noise and be as considerate as I can be to my neighbours.  I don’t have parties, I don’t play music loud and generally don’t create any sort of fuss.  I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect others in my close vicinity to behave in the same way.  Just because you can tune out the noise that your children make doesn’t mean that others can or should do the same.

I have bitten my lip on many an occasion, especially when they announced they were going to get a dog, which isn’t strictly allowed on their lease (yes, they rent).  Having known them for a couple of years at that point, I foresaw (accurately as it turned out) that when they obtained the Landlord’s permission and got the animal, it would turn out to be a yapper.  I so hoped on that occasion to be wrong but am sad to say that I was absolutely, 100%, correct.

I do not want to create any bad blood between us.  We basically get on well – they bring me a plated up Sunday lunch quite regularly as they always cook too much.  We have been there for one another in various crises over the years but on days like this, they piss me off.  And I’m sure the feeling is mutual.

I love my house and I love the small estate where I live: I’ve been here for over 13 years now.  When I moved here, I accepted that living on an estate where there are families meant that there would be consequential noise on occasion, but certainly not to lack of consideration.

In practical terms, I have to accept that there will be days like today.  Realistically, they’re not going to move on in the near future and I have no wish to move house.  I love my home.

I’ve had a shit week and this, for me, was the proverbial last straw.

And so I blog to get rid of my anger and frustration – I send it into the ether and share it in the hope that in an hour or two, I will have calmed down enough to have put all of this negativity out of my mind.

Thanks for reading.


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