Poppy The Lap Cat

I realise it’s been a while since I updated the blog with Poppy’s progress.  Five months actually.  Naughty me.  I think part of the reason was that I wasn’t too sure whether the requests for fusses would “stick”.

I am therefore very pleased to report that by the end of April, we were seeing regular requests for lap time:

Since then, things have progressed even more apace. It is now very rare that I can sit down and put my feet up without this little love clambering up onto the sofa and hopping her way over to me with a little expletive to announce her intention. thence chucking herself (it’s the only way I can describe it) onto my belly and going to sleep after much solicitation of head and cheek rubs and scratches.


I say “expletive” as she doesn’t really meow as such, just sort of lets out a little mini explosion or bark of miaow.

She’s quite a robust cat, weighing in at 4.93kg (or around 10lbs) and has completely forgiven me for having taken her to the vet three times now, including one overnight stay in hospital with a chest infection.  I think she’s finally realised that I will always come back for her and that I love her very much.

When she originally captured my heart back in March last year, I really never thought we’d ever get this far.  Needless to say, I’m a very happy cat mum.



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