Poppy’s Progress

I have to say that I’ve been more than a little surprised at the fact that Poppy’s settling in, not to say astounded at the progress that we’ve made over the last month or so.

Her secondary adoptive humans have been to see her a couple of times and she allowed them to go straight up to her and stroke her.  Needless to say I was a little surprised, especially as she’d been treating me like the devil incarnate.  After those visits, there was a change in her.  I had vowed to give her time and space and let her find her own rhythm in the house.  It worked.  Gradually she started coming out from under the bed and allowing me to get closer (as long as I didn’t look at her!) and now she follows me downstairs in the mornings (after a suitable feline interval) and will come up to me and headbutt my leg to get a fuss:


Not only that, she and Mabel have decided that they have something in common, having previously lived in gardens and having been taken into the shelter because they were having kittens.  I’m sure there’s some sort of feline bond there – they’re also the same age which may, or may not, help.  I did tell Mabel all about Poppy and she’s a sociable creature so I think she decided to befriend her:

Last night they were playing with each other on either side of the curtains at the patio door.  Surprising how quick a 3 legged cat can move!

Once they’d finished with that game, it was time for a rest:


The fact that she will now settle on the sofa next to me and show me her tummy is progress indeed and, needless to say, I’m delighted!



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