And Back to Four

The recent fluctuating number of cats in my house has been enough to confuse me, never mind the cats.

It became apparent last week that relations between Cara and Rocky were deteriorating fairly rapidly.  I had thought that they may settle but it seems I may have underestimated the effect that all the recent changes had made to poor Cara.  I ended up with more scratches and teeth marks from trying everything in my arsenal to settle everything down but, on Saturday, I decided that enough was enough.

Rocky went back to his previous home yesterday and I have to say that I’m more than a little sad about that.  He wasn’t happy.  Cara wasn’t happy.  My bleeding hands and arms weren’t happy and I realised that there really was nothing more I could do to help him.

I searched my heart to see if I was doing the right thing and I’m still not 100% convinced but, with four other cats in the household to consider now that Gaia is back again (a long and expensive story) I had to do what was best for the majority.

Cara is still giving me the cold shoulder and refuses to purr but I’m hoping that things now settle back down again.  Certainly yesterday evening things were much quieter in the house.  Spookily so.

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