Hoo Ha, Settlings and Shenanigans

There are (very few) days when I get tired of being a cat mum.  Usually those days are my own damned fault so, really, I’m just ticked off with myself.

Cat hierarchy has so many subtleties that elude me and probably always will.  Certainly having so many changes to the cat household over the last 3 months or so won’t have helped matters but since Oscar has gone, tensions in the house are causing me problems.

Mabel has been brilliant – she doesn’t give a stuff and doesn’t take any hoo ha from any of the others and her timidity levels with humans are gradually falling as she’s starting to realise how much I love her.

Charlie and Cara have always been wussy cats and scared of their own shadows although now, at the age of five, they have been known to sniff cautiously at visitors.  They still run from me on occasion and they still seem to hate one another.

Rocky is still trying to find his place in the hierarchy which is understandable as he’s only been in the house for a month and thinks he’s a dog.  Mabel has got his measure – one low growl and he leaves her alone, despite being twice her size.  Charlie can’t be bothered with him and, again, one growl or a hiss and he leaves her be.  Cara, however, is a whole different kettle of fish.

After listening to lots of growls, trying the loud clap, separating them, Feliway, being calm and anything else I could think of, watching Rocky seek out Cara with his hackles up, I did what you shouldn’t do and picked him up and took him upstairs to his room (I have to say that he has been told to go to his room once and complied!).

After this, Charlie and Cara decided to reopen their disagreements with the result that I ended up turning to both of them and shouting “For F***’s Sake, SHUT UP!!!!!!”.  Bugger me if it didn’t work.  They looked at me like two kids who’ve finally been told off by a long suffering parent.

They tried one more, tentative, growl at each other, only to be met with “ENOUGH!”.  Peace reigned after that.

Who knew – tough love seems to work with kitties!



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