Another Month, Another Loss



Ten days ago I had to make another one of those terrible decisions with the result that my old boy, Oscar, was put to sleep at the age of eighteen and a half.  A damned good age for any cat really but these decisions are never without tears and heart wrenching pain.

A slightly eccentric but very sensitive cat was our Oz and although he and I had our differences in the past, I loved him wholeheartedly.  He’d gone downhill over the last ten days of his life, gradually being less able to eat or drink anything without retching.  He’d been to the vet the day before as I’d been concerned about him and when the vet handed over the stethoscope to me I realised that my old boy had a less than happy heart as well.

The hardest part for me was waiting for the appointment as I knew Oscar was very unhappy and uncomfortable but he sat on my lap on the way to the vet and watched the world passing by the car window with great interest and purred quietly.  Not the happy cat purr we all know and love, but the comfort purr that means they’re struggling.

He went to sleep very quickly and I know he’s know running around free of pain.  I very much miss waiting to discover his next silly place to sleep.

He was a one in a million and is sorely missed.

7 thoughts on “Another Month, Another Loss

  1. I never like to read stories like this–especially around the holidays. I was at an animal hospital on Christmas day one year, trying to save my cat, to no avail. Happily your cat lived to a pretty good age. The oldest my cats ever got was 17. Still I read about 20 year old cats. Sorry it is a sad time for you.

    1. It’s getting to the stage where I almost dread this time of year – it was November last year when I lost LouLou and now October and November this year have resulted in losing fur babies. I can fully understand Christmas having negative connotations for you Greg and I’m sorry that you had such a crappy time of it – it does tend to linger 😦

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