Firm Feline Friendships

Six weeks after Mabel’s arrival and a month after Doris joined us, relationships with the remainder of the feline household are gradually improving but progress is slow.

What never ceases to amaze me is how quickly these little spudlings grow.  It seems like only yesterday when Doris practically fitted into the palm of my hand.


Now she needs two:

2016-08-27 10.31.51

Mabel has really taken Doris under her proverbial wing now – she’s grooming her, play-fighting with her and generally seems to be doing everything that a real cat mum would do, which is heartwarming.  They have decided, between them, that all the shop bought toys are unworthy of their attention and instead prefer to play with lengths of string (which will be no surprise to any cat lovers/owners/servants reading this!


Doris seems to be quite fond of me – she climbs up onto the sofa beside me in the evenings, onto my lap and stares up at me until I relent and sit back so that she can climb up onto my upper chest and shoulder, whereupon she settles herself and starts to have a bath.  I’m taking that as a good sign.

As for Mabel, she’s gradually learning that I will not do anything to hurt her – she waits for me behind the front door when I come home and now comes up on two legs to meet the hand coming down to scratch her behind the ears, which is lovely.  We’ve also developed a routine where she races me up the staircase, waits for  me on the landing so that I can stop on one of the upper steps and sit down so we can rub foreheads, I can kiss her forehead and we can generally commune with one another, which is very gratifying.  She has taken to following me around the house in the mornings and appears downstairs with Doris in the evenings to curl up on the sofa or on the floor near me and just keeps me company.  This is, of course, between bouts of play-fighting with Doris.

All in all, things are moving along quite well.  Apart from Charlie, who seems to be angry with every other being in the house and just growls and hisses at everyone and every thing.  Oh well, you can’t have everything!


2 thoughts on “Firm Feline Friendships

    1. Yes, Charlie’s really got me puzzled and I’m still not sure what to do for the best with her. I guess I just need to make sure that she knows she’s loved and not being usurped by the little ones 😦

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