Kitten Progress

Last Friday was the day I decided to try and introduce Doris and Mabel to one another.  Doris was very obviously ready to start exploring as I’d caught her on camera, curled up behind the door of her room, listening to Mabel thundering around the first floor.

I went up there, opened the door and allowed her to wander out onto the landing, sniffing as she went.  Mabel came to investigate and instead of the usual bop on the head, she gently sniffed Doris’ head and allowed her to streak past her and under my bed.  Much hilarity ensued as Doris played hide and seek with her for the next half hour or so and I went downstairs to let them get on with it, keeping a motherly eye on them via the camera on the landing.  I popped up every 10 minutes to so, just to make sure everything was really OK – Doris was in her element and Mabel was obviously having a lovely time, finally having a playmate.

Eventually all noise ceased so I quietly went back upstairs to find them curled up on my bed, completely tuckered out:


They’ve been playing together for three days now and have even both ventured downstairs with Mabel keeping a motherly eye on Doris as she explores new territory.

So far, so good.

Now I just have to wait for the others to accept the two new arrivals …

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