Kitten Obsession

Doris has now arrived!  She’s supposedly a seven or eight week old kitten and was brought to the shelter with her brother and a sort-of sibling from another litter.  The charity had been advised of a number of kittens living in an abbatoir – no sign of the mother/s.  Doris is about two thirds of the size of her brother and it’s been discovered that she has a slight heart murmer, which may account for her reduced stature.  I’d been visiting her at the shelter for a couple of weeks before I brought her home to get her used to being handled and stroked and was usually greeted with an indignant hiss from her, but never any claws.  She was just bug-eyed scared of everything. And still is.


When I realised that I was going to be bringing her home (any cat owner will tell you that they have absolutely no choice over these matters) I took her to Mabel’s pen to introduce her.  My heart nearly broke when this little kitten took one look at the black cat in front of her and ran towards her as if it was her mother.  Mabel was having none of it and growled.  So not such a good idea then.

She cowered at the back of the carrier all the way home and her eyes were even bigger than normal.  I quietly took her into the den and brought her food and water.  Like a trooper, was eating within five minutes of arrival:


After that, she was ready to explore and hasn’t been back to the carrier since.


On subsequent visits, a bit of stroking and attention elicited a purr much louder than her size would indicate and she climbed onto me and snuggled.  That’s all it took – I’m completely and utterly in love!

She seems to be happiest when I’m sitting in the chair quietly and she’s curled up somewhere around my heart, surrounded by my warm hands.

A second introduction to Mabel was even less successful than the first and poor Doris very nearly got swiped.  That relationship is going to take a lot of work.  As for the other three, let’s just say that the adjustment is slow so far …


2 thoughts on “Kitten Obsession

  1. Congratulations on the new kitten- she is adorable. Have you tried a Feliway diffuser ? They make the cats more mellow so maybe the introductions would go better.

    1. I do have some spray but I’m now being a little more sensible about things – I think Mabel was feeling a little threatened. Today I had Doris cuddled up on me and I left the door open. Mabel came in, got a fuss from me and was fine with Doris. I just have to be patient and remember that these things take time!

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