New Arrival #1

Now that it has become apparent that Gaia has left home for good and is more than happy living in the two fields at the top of my road (she’s got two of the homeowners up there well trained to feed her at around the same time each day) I restarted my search for a potentially cuddly cat.  Enter: Mabel.

Mabel was brought into CPL foster care heavily pregnant, giving birth to her litter 2 days after her arrival.  She’d been living outdoors and was being fed by a kindly human but seemed to be looking for a forever home.  I spent a couple of weeks visiting her before biting the bullet and bringing her home last week.

She’s quite timid and is still living under the spare bed, but is very happy to have a careful stroke and loves a good head rub.  She will gently pat my hand if I get too close to her tail or her tummy (which is perfectly understandable) but I’m cautiously optimistic.  This picture is of her in the shelter as it’s rather difficult to get a good shot of her while she’s in hiding!



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