Gaia Gone :(

I don’t suppose it’s entirely surprising that she’s legged it (pardon the pun).

Last Bank Holiday weekend when the weather was unseasonably warm, I had the doors and windows open.  It’s not the first time they’ve been open since Gaia arrived but this is the first time she’s been brave enough to go out of the open door.  And go out she did.  She spent the day sunning herself in the garden.

“Ah, lovely!” I thought.

Day turned into dusk and Gaia showed her face a couple of times, scowled at me for still being visible and therefore obstructing her route back upstairs, and then disappeared back into the bushes.

By 11pm I could no longer keep the doors and windows open but as I know she can use a cat flap I wasn’t particularly worried.  I figured she’d come in and get some food and then head back upstairs.


On Sunday morning, I did a sweep of the house and couldn’t find (or hear) her anywhere so went back out into the garden.  My garden is not large.  I eventually found her hiding in a small gap between a fence and the wall at the bottom of a neighbour’s garden.  When I found her, she shot out of there backwards and across the garden.  Man – that cat can move for only having 3 legs!

The rest of Sunday was spent keeping an eye out for her but, by Sunday evening, there was no sign.

I canvassed the neighbours on Monday and left notes.  One called – she was back in the gap between the wall and fence.  I went to look and this time she shot out, up the wall, past the neighbours and across their garden.

I haven’t seen her since.

The conservatory door has been left open ever since, with bowls of food and water.  And the surveillance camera keeping a beady eye on the doorway.  Nothing has been seen since.  I’ve left notes with other neighbours but nobody has seen her at all.

My guess?  She’s made it to the two fields at the top of the road and is living the life of Riley up there.  The shelter advised me that she was living in a garden before coming to them so my belief is that my karmic role in all this was to provide the time and space she needed in order to get some confidence back and become proficient on 3 legs.

I can only hope that she comes back to visit once in a while …. 😦



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