The Great Escape?

At some point before the alarm fired this morning at 6.00am I was roused from my sleep by a cat meow.  I may have been dreaming of course, but as my two girls had both steadfastly refused to come in last night, I was forced to go to bed with the cat flap unlocked.  This is a situation which I do not care for and often means that I don’t sleep well.

I think I’m turning into my mother.

Anyhoo I awoke and saw that Cara and Charlie were, in fact, home and merrily hissing at one another over the usual windowsill battle so I figured I must have been dreaming.  Until I checked the rest of the upstairs and realised that Gaia was missing.  Whoops.  How far can a 3 legged cat go?  Apparently, they’re no less energetic than a 4 legged cat.  My first salutary lesson.  Never assume that a 3 legged cat won’t jump out of your upstairs window and onto the roof of the conservatory.  So that’s where the meow came from.

After running up and down the stairs a few times, finding my small stepladder and a broom, opening and closing windows and generally running around like a bloody lunatic, she jumped the 3 feet from the conservatory roof back onto the windowsill.  Honestly, it was like watching a potential car crash as she clung onto the edge of the sill and her remaining back leg worked as hard as it could to get her up there.  She did it – ran under the bed in the spare room and hasn’t come out since.

I’m just grateful she didn’t make the leap from the conservatory roof onto next door’s fence.  I’m guessing if she really wanted to escape, she would have just gone, so I’m grateful for that but I will never underestimate her physical abilities again.


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