Bawling Like a Baby

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m a complete softie when it comes to animals. I won’t watch wildlife programmes as there’s almost bound to be some killing in there and I can’t bear to watch – I know it’s nature but I’d just rather not see it in glorious colour. So I avoid anything that’s likely to upset me.

I avoid any posts that I see on Facebook to do with animals (unless it’s cute cat videos of course) and will very often hide posts that I think may lead to a bout of tears.

Today I got caught out. A friend posted a link to a blog post written from a dog’s point of view about the day his owner had to put him to sleep. I couldn’t help but read it – it was so beautifully written and utterly compulsive. By halfway through, the tears were rolling down my face and by the end I was sobbing openly with tissues pressed up against my face to catch the flood of tears (and, quite honestly, snot). Yes it really was that compulsive.

It wasn’t just me – the comments at the end showed me that a large number of folks had read it and had exactly the same reaction as me. So good, in fact, that I’m going to post the link here with the warning that, if you intend to click on and read it, please make sure that you have a box of tissues handy and that you don’t have anything constructive to do or any human interaction planned within at least half an hour of reading.

Of course, if you have a total heart of stone, disregard the warning and proceed at your own risk!

Goodbye to My Owner



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