About Climate Change

As a lot of you may be aware, there’s a big pow-wow going on in Paris attempting to agree on what to do about climate change.

I don’t usually dabble in politics on this blog and tend to just use it as a place to have a little rant about things that annoy me (mainly because I’m not skilled in debate) but the news piece I watched this morning asked the question “who’s going to pay for this?”.  FFS.  Has nobody realised yet that if we don’t cough up for it, we’re not going to have any countries, or indeed a planet, to govern?

25 bloody years it’s taken to get this conference together.  There have been warnings about global warming going on for as long as I can remember but, of course, the bigwigs accused the scientific community of scaremongering and brought forth their own experts to dispute that climate change actually existed so they had an excuse to sit on their arses and do nothing quoting the “our experts say there’s nothing to worry about” line.

Incredibly, I have also heard people say “why should I care?  I’m not going to be around to see it” or “it’ll happen long after I’m gone so why should I bother?”.  As anyone who knows me will realise, it’s this kind of “I’m alright Jack” attitude that makes me want to bounce heads on walls.  Hard walls.

I’m not saying that tackling these issues is easy but goodness knows successive governments have done such a good job of burying their heads in the sand for so long that we’re now reaping the rewards of their denial.  My home town was once again flooded last weekend and I watched the news, feeling heartsick, at the sight of streets I walked along many times as a child and young woman, being lost under feet of water whilst the politicians are sitting pretty in their ivory towers, shaking their heads, expressing their supposed sorrow at these disasters and washing their hands of any responsibility.

I’m sceptical about this conference.  My personal belief is that by the time they’re done running their agreements past the lawyers, they will be so watered down that they will have little value and the governments of the world will once again pat themselves on the back for having done a good job at spending all this time thrashing out these ineffectual agreements whilst the world continues to go to hell in a handbasket.

But that’s OK – I’m sure they’ll have made sure that they protect the interests of all the rich corporations worldwide eh?

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