Return to Normality (Almost)

One thing that has surprised me since I got back from holiday is how much more sociable my other three cats have been.  They greeted me very vociferously on my return which was rather surprising.  Not so much for Oscar as he’s got way too much to say when he’s hyperthyroid anyway, but Cara and Charlie didn’t shut up for the first 10 minutes.  At all.  Cara has been known to talk to me, Charlie is normally very quiet and only ever says anything to me when she wants to go out.  The two of them wound themselves around my legs mewing and were obviously very happy to see me, which was gratifying, and I actually got to pick up and cuddle both of them without complaint for a change – normally they start squirming as soon as their feet leave the ground.

Since then, all three of them have been quite solicitous and are spending much more time in the house and, more importantly for me, spending much more time with me.  They curl up next to me and take it in turns sleeping on the bed.  Oscar has even climbed up onto me at night and slept on my stomach, which I’ve never known him to do in his 17 and a half years with me!

I can only assume that now LouLou isn’t exclusively occupying my lap and the house that they’ve taken the feline equivalent of a chill pill.  I remember that I had a stray cat more or less living in my conservatory when I brought LouLou home.  He was terrified of humans and the closest I’d been able to get to him during the three years he’d been stealing my cats’ food was at arm’s length with a bit of ham – any closer and he’d royally panic and leg it.  He stopped coming round a couple of weeks after I got Lou and it now occurs to me that she must have been a bit of a matriarch on the quiet.  I know she and Oscar never really got on but it seems that she must have also been keeping the younger girls at bay as well.

Don’t get me wrong – I still miss her like hell but it just goes to demonstrate that you never stop learning when you have cats.


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