Back Home Again

So we’re back home again.  With no jet lag.  “How’s that?”  I hear you ask and it is a question for which I’m not sure I have an answer.  I’ve never suffered from jet lag.  I’m not sure whether it’s related to my control freak nature but I never had problems with overnight shift work either – while some of my colleagues were semi comatose halfway through their first nightshift of four, I just seemed to be fine.

To me, jet lag seems to be about your brain not transitioning from one time zone to another.  As soon as the plane took off, I was back on UK time.  My Fitbit was still on US time but the watch on my other wrist was set for the UK and as I looked at my Fitbit, the time on there didn’t seem real and my brain went onto UK time.  I snoozed a little on the flight and by the time we landed at Gatwick, I was definitely tired but it felt more like I’d been awake for a day and a half instead of just under 24 hours.  I drove my sister back home, grabbed a quick cup of coffee and headed back up the M4 homewards.

Don’t get me wrong – I would have loved to have crawled into bed when I got home at in the early afternoon but I knew that would have upset my sleep pattern completely, so I bumbled around the house and unpacked everything, sorted out the washing and caught up on post and then watched some TV and chilled a little.

By 7pm I decided that the prospect of sleeping for 11 hours looked pretty good and I headed upstairs and was out for the count in record time.

When the alarm went off at 6am the following morning, I was up and running.  Slowly, admittedly, but it’s rarely easy getting up at that time of day!  Everyone at the office seemed to expect me to be tired and falling asleep but it didn’t happen and now, with two days of work under my belt, I can honestly say that I don’t feel any more tired than I would normally at this stage of the week.

So – it seems that there are some advantages to being a control freak 🙂


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