Day 14 – More Strip with a Dash of Culture

We decided to have a day off yesterday.  It wasn’t really planned but we got up in the morning and went down for breakfast and realised that neither of us could really be arsed to do anything.  So we didn’t!

To be honest, I was pretty stiff and sore for no reason other than I suspect the Megaboost IV shot I had last week at Reviv had finally been fully utilised by my body and it had decided that enough was enough.  I have to say that I felt pretty worn out mentally as well as physically.  I can only guess how little I would have been capable of doing were it not for that vitamin infusion.

Today we decided that, as it was our last day, we really should do the last couple of things on the list: see the fountain display at the Bellagio and have a meal at Lavo (which had been highly recommended by a friend of my sister’s).  I felt another visit to Reviv was in order so we decided to try walking over to MGM (which is about a mile and a half from the Hard Rock).  That didn’t go too badly considering that I was limping most of the way.  It’s sad to say but I think I’m almost used to being in discomfort or pain now when my vitamin B12 levels are in need of replenishment.  Anyhoo – we made it there in one piece and I booked myself in for another Megaboost and an energy booster shot.  30 minutes later and I’m feeling human again and the pain in my leg has disappeared once more.  Bonus!

So – off we go.  We walked up to the Miracle Mile shops and had a coffee, then stopped and watched the little fountain display in there, then headed over the road to the Bellagio and watched the fountains.  After that, we headed into the Bellagio itself to check out the reception area and the indoor garden and take pictures.  Sis found that they had a Picasso exhibition in the Gallery there and so off she went, spent her $20 and spent an hour in there while I sat nearby, drinking coffee and reading and waited for her to finish her cultural expedition.  Art doesn’t really float my boat so I was more than happy to have some quiet downtime.

We’ve noticed that peace and quiet is a rarity in Las Vegas.  Almost from the second you leave the cocoon of your hotel room, your senses are veritably assaulted.  For us, the most noticeable assaults have been to the nose and ears.  Yes, I do realise that staying at the Hard Rock Hotel carries with it the bonus of being assaulted by loud rock music in pretty much all public areas of the hotel and it’s something we take in our stride – but there have been mornings when it’s almost been overwhelmingly loud whilst we’ve been sitting and having our breakfast.  Quite a feat when you consider that, as we age, we’re getting a little on the hard of hearing side of things.  As for the assault to the nostrils, everything seems to be scented and perfumed – the hotel corridors, the lobby and every single building we enter.  As for outside, there always seems to be the whiff of food drifting from somewhere!

I digress again, not for the first time.  So – after the art exhibition, we mooched up the strip as we’d decided we were getting a little peckish and the lure of Lavo beckoned.  You would have thought that, after two weeks, we may have remembered something about the sheer scale of the Strip wouldn’t you?  No, not us.  Dumbasses.  By the time we’d schlepped back through the Bellagio to the entrance and then back onto the Strip, we carried on mooching towards the Venetian.  Well it’s not far is it?  Hmm … in the grand scheme on things perhaps not, but when you’ve been fairly busy and walked quite a bit in the last fortnight you may want to think about pacing yourself a little better, which is exactly what we didn’t do today.

I can honestly say that we were damned pleased to finally see the Venetian, find Lavo and sit the f*** down that it really wasn’t funny more.  Another six and a half miles covered today.  Not a lot when you consider that there was a marathon being run in Las Vegas today (about which we were oblivious).  This meant that a good portion of the Strip was, in fact, completely closed to traffic.  All day.  A bit of a problem when our normal mode of transport back to the hotel would be the Tour Bus.  We knew that there was no way on this earth that we had the strength to talk the 3 or so miles back to the hotel when we were finished eating, so we walked (slowly) down to where the taxis were.  Along with a hoarde of other people.  We got to the back of the queue by around 5pm and finally sank into a cab at just after 5.30.  Traffic was, as you’d expect, a complete nightmare and it took nearly an hour to cover the 3 miles back to the hotel.  By this point we actually really didn’t care as we were finally sitting down on something comfortable and were able to have no coherent thoughts at all during the entire cab ride which was rather refreshing in a strange, completely knackered, sort of way!

We are now firmly finally in our room and do not intend to leave it until tomorrow morning after a good night’s sleep.  We are hoping that we will be capable of forward motion when we both awaken as we are hobbling around a bit right now and we have to get all packed up and checked out by 11am – so I guess that’s our next challenge!


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