Day 12 – Red Rock Canyon

So after yesterday, we had both decided that we wanted to spend some more time at Red Rock so albeit we had a lazy morning and snoozed after breakfast, we got ready late morning and headed West again.

We actually didn’t get lost for a change – either my mental clarity has improved or we’re getting settled with the size and scale of Nevada.  Just in time to go home – ironic isn’t it?

We arrived at the Canyon, paid our entrance fee and made our way up to the Visitors Centre.  Lots of information and exhibits to look through and a gift shop with more things in there that I’d like to buy than I had money for.  So I decided not to buy anything!

View from the Visitors Centre

The views from the gate and from the Visitors Centre were, as you’d expect, rather spectacular.  Unfortunately although the photos came out well, they don’t really do the place justice but you should get the general idea.

We drove around the 13 mile Scenic Road, stopping at a couple of the parking lots and taking yet more pictures.  It was really noticeable to us that we were out later than usual as it seems that, around here, everyone starts a little later.  Any time we’ve been to a Park up until now, we’ve been there quite early in the morning and it’s been relatively quiet.  The same cannot be said for Red Rock in the late morning – loads of people there and the first couple of parking lots were overfull and folks were parking exactly where the Visitor Guide said *not* to park, i.e., on the verges.  I had to wind my neck in for the first half hour or so as I found myself getting rather cross and wanting to shout at everyone.  Oops.

We had planned to perhaps do one of the smaller and easier hikes while we were there but, quite frankly, I wasn’t up to it physically.  The benefits of the IV infusion I had last week seem to be all but gone and I’m starting to walk around like an old woman again which is rather annoying (and uncomfortable) but we had a little wander around at the Sandstone Quarry and sat out in the sun at High Point Overlook – 4,771 feet up and a great view:

High Point Overlook
High Point Overlook

We’d passed two hardy elderly gentlemen on bicycles on the way up to High Point – I was somewhat in awe of their ability to cycle up there.  They also stopped at High Point for a break and left before us, so we passed them again further along the road.  They didn’t look particularly tired either.  I’d love to be able to do that!

We got some more fantastic photos on the rest of the route and eventually exited the Park around 15:00, opting to go back to Vegas via a different route and attempt to find a particular diner, which we’d spotted the day before.  Liz was determined to find a good American Diner in Vegas during our stay and we’d found a few online but she was really looking for one that did the quintessential American Sandwich – The Reuben.

The Black Bear Diner is on West Tropicana Avenue and we actually found it without getting lost.  Twice in one day – a bloody miracle!  We got in there and fell in love with the place instantly, not least because of the stunning array of pies in the display case at the front!

We were shown to a booth and given a menu and our temporary stay in heaven continued.  They do “littler” portions, so I ordered the Patty Melt.  Needless to say, Liz ordered the Reuben.  “Littler” is not a word I would have used to describe my food, except for perhaps the plate on which it arrived!  The sandwich was as big as the Reuben and utterly and completely heavenly.  We did have a quick shufty at the nutritional information which the Black Bear provides but it was depressing reading so we put it to one side and decided we’d ignore it – sometimes you just have to do that!   We stuffed our faces and decided that we’d go for bust and have dessert – Banana Cream Pie.  I’ve never had one and neither has Liz so we decided that we’d split one as we knew we’d never manage one each.  Another piece of heaven and thoroughly worth the calories!

So – good coffee (we haven’t had a bad one here yet) and excellent food.  The bill came in at about the same as we pay for breakfast at the hotel, so our wallets were quite happy too!  All in all, a Diner to be thoroughly recommended and I’m hoping we can fit in another visit before we go home.

We loaded our very full stomachs into the car and made our way back to the hotel, again without getting lost.  Three miracles in one day.  How lucky can you be?


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