Day 11 – Where I Turn into a Wuss Again.

Today was the day sis and I were both looking forward to – an hour on horseback in the Red Rock Canyon at Bonnie Springs Ranch.

We didn’t even have to get up too early – the pickup was at 07:40.  We had been well organised enough to bring our jodhpurs and short riding boots with us which kept us warm while we waited outside the hotel with our cappuccino and pastries.  Our driver turned up 10 minutes early and was lovely so we hopped on board with the remainder of our coffee and settled down for the rest of the pickups and the journey to the Canyon.

Once we arrived at Bonnie Springs after ooh’ing and aah’ing at what we saw of the Canyon on the way, we were ushered into the bar to fill in the requisite paperwork.  Goodness – you have to sign away your soul before even seeing a horse!  I can’t say I blame them in today’s litigious society but it’s tiresome and kinda sucks a bit of the fun out of it.

Then we had a debate about who was eating then riding and who was going to ride then eat.  We opted for the latter and off we went out to where the horses were saddled up.  I had a couple of anxious minutes looking at the horses and wondering if any of them would be hefty enough to carry me.

My anxiety levels were rising by this point and I was trying to give myself a good talking to but it wasn’t really working and by the time I climbed on board I was in a right old state and my usual death grip on the reins kicked in.  Poor old Beau.  It wasn’t his fault that he’s not as wide as Obi – it just made me more anxious and as he moved forward to join the back of the queue of horses waiting to go out, I knew I’d have to get off.  The poor wranglers were saying “it’s OK, you’ll be fine”.  Yeah right.  If by “fine” you mean “you’ll be a gibbering idiot all the way round” then yeah, I’d be fine!

I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and opted to give up and get off.  That wasn’t part of the plan but – hey – I’d rather retain some shred of sanity and wait at the ranch for everyone to get back than potentially spoil it for everyone else.  So I got off, went back to the restaurant, got coffee and sat and kept the ducks and peacocks company by the rather serene pond and waited for everyone to come back.

Once they were all back, we had lunch (rather early) and then the minibus was on its way back by 11.30.  We had more ooh’s and ahh’s as we took a different route back into Vegas and were back at our hotel in time to catch dessert at the Hard Rock Café before chilling for the afternoon.

So it looks like I’m not really able to ride any horse other than my own as I just don’t trust my anxiety levels any more.  At least with him I know pretty much when he’s going to be a pickle and he knows me well enough to ignore the death grip on the reins when I get anxious.

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