Day 9 – A Day of Rest and Musing

We got up in the morning and had breakfast with the best of intentions, talking through what to do for the day and what we still wanted to see. By the time breakfast was over and we realised both of us had a bit of a headache, we decided to go back up to our room for a little while.

The “little while” extended to encompass the entire day apart from a brief outing to eat. We had mused about whether to get a relaxing massage in the hotel spa but the pricing was a little high. Then we saw the small print on the flyer which said they would add a gratuity and tax onto the prices and it really became unjustifiably expensive.

We then started talking about the pricing in Vegas in general. We knew it wasn’t going to be cheap when we got here but the gratuities to be handed out to everyone really do add to the cost: tipping the cleaners, the car valet, the waiting staff and pretty much everyone in the service industry. While I don’t have an issue with tipping for good service, the fact that eating out in Vegas can tear a sizeable chunk out of your budget, especially if you’re staying in a hotel.

And don’t get me started on the size of the portions. When we visited Florida, we loved the food and the size of the portions but nowadays, we simply don’t eat that much. One portion will feed both of us, which is great if we both want to eat the same thing but the fact is that we don’t! So what do you do? We’ve shared a meal where practicable but when we don’t, we take about half of the meal back to the hotel. The problem there is that we have nowhere to store it (the mini bar isn’t a fridge and is full of other overpriced stuff we don’t want to buy) so if it’s not eaten that evening, it gets thrown out. What a waste!

Honestly – I’d rather pay half the amount for a reasonably sized burger and be able to eat it without requiring a crane to carry around my overstuffed belly – that way there’d be no waste and my wallet would be a little fatter (rather than me).

Next time I think we’ll have to stay in an apartment so that we can better control what we eat and when. We may also stand a chance of having a kettle in the room so that we can have tea and coffee whenever we want.


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