Day 8 – The Mighty Canyon

Sis and I debated quite a bit about the best time to rise out of our pits for today. As the Hummer was due to pick us up at the Hotel entrance at 6.15, we decided to get up at 5.15, get dressed and have coffee and a pastry for breakfast whilst sitting in the fresh air and waiting.

The Hummer turned up bang on time and our garrulous host emerged and welcomed us. There were only four of us on the Tour – the other two were also Brits from just a few miles up the road from me! We headed off into the early morning sunshine and our host gave us a rough itinerary as we went along.

We called into Rosie’s Diner along the route and Kevin (our host) filled us in on the history of the late Rosie and the Diner itself and we all filled our cups with good hot coffee for the road.

We drove through Boulder City and were given a potted history of the place – we slowed down to look at the various statues dotted around the town and then we were off to the Hoover Dam. Again, as we got there early, we weren’t bothered by hoardes of tourists so we had peace and quiet to take our photos before getting back on the road towards the Grand Canyon.

We arrived at the main reception at around 9.15 and went into the gift shop, spoke to the Hualapai in the shop and then got on one of the buses over to Eagle Point (where the Skywalk is located). We had decided that the Skywalk and helicopter were out as I really have no head for heights but we still managed to get lots of photos. One of our group did the Skywalk and said it was amazing. We had a mooch around the Indian Village where Kevin continued to provide information and then headed back to wait for the bus.

Once finished there, we got back on the bus to Guano Point, had lunch and then hiked up to the remnants of the old Guano mining installation. I wasn’t brave enough to go too close to the edge (there are no railings or walls in this part of the Canyon) but I held the camera up high, pointed it in the right direction and got some pretty good shots! By this time, the wind was really picking up and the grit was flying into our faces as we walked back up the trail – not good if you’re out of breath – you get a lungful of Canyon dirt!

We then headed back to the main entrance, spent some time in the gift shop and made some purchases and then back into the Hummer to Vegas. We drove off road through the Joshua Tree forest on the way back, again stopping for more pictures and commentary and then managed to find time to stop in Boulder City on the way back to check out the bighorn sheep and get some pictures.

By the time we got back to the Hotel, we were pretty tired and windswept and really starting to notice we’d been up since 5am. Needless to say, we didn’t do a lot in the evening except eat, relax and read.

We seem to have spent a lot of time sleeping whilst we’ve been here – not exactly the norm for Vegas I don’t think but as neither of us are spring chickens any more, we’ve got a better idea of how to pace ourselves. Nowadays I don’t really fancy spending a week recovering from a “holiday” 🙂

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