Day 2 – Finding Our Feet

Despite going to bed early, we still managed to sleep quite late (for us). We’d already decided we wanted to have breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe which was just across the parking lot from the Hotel, but when we mooched over there at 7.45am, we found it didn’t open until 8.30. Bum. Never despair when there’s shopping to be done however! We managed to waste a good amount of time in the CVS Pharmacy across the road and rolled up to the Cafe front doors just as it opened.

After breakfast, we headed back to our room to get changed and ready to head out. A couple of false starts and we ended up at the Virgin office in the Tropicana where we booked a couple of trips then walked. A lot. Then we had lunch. And walked some more. Then we did part of the Big Bus Tour which took us right back to our hotel.

That was it for us – we were both worn out after one day and ended up having an early night. The one thing we learned from today was – never plan anything when you’re on the Strip. We got lost. Again. We should have just planned to mooch and we’d have been OK!

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