Day 10 – Mmmmmm …. Chocolate

So today we couldn’t really decide what we wanted to do and plumped for visiting the Ethel M Chocolate Factory in Henderson – only a few miles down the road from our Hotel. I have to confess that there was much messing around before we left the hotel so we didn’t get away until after 10.30 but we got lost anyway.

Correction – I got us lost. Again. This seems to have been a theme of this holiday and I am becoming extremely gifted and missing turnings and taking us the wrong way, whether in the car or on foot. My ex always says to me “it’s not often you’re wrong, but you’re right again” – I must tell him he has to stop saying this. Right now.

I don’t remember having this much trouble in Florida. I know I was younger and much less addled then but still and all – my sense of direction has turned to complete and utter shite lately.

We eventually found the Factory – it’s a lovely place and very ethical. It was built by Forrest Mars (of Mars Bar and Snickers fame) and they make the most wonderful chocolate – with no preservatives whatsoever. Bad news is that means they only last a couple of weeks. Just long enough for us to get our booty home … 🙂

Needless to say, we purchased numerous of these chocolates and then celebrated our purchase with a good long sit down in the sunshine in their Cactus Garden. This may not sound like much fun to some, but it was marvellous – the gardens are really well planted and there’s a lot of information in there and we had a lovely, unhurried, sunny and warm time.

Once we’d had our fill of coffee and plants, we mooched off to the Galleria Mall to see if there was anything there to catch our eye. Unfortunately not. My bank balance would perhaps say it was fortunate but I do get a little cross when I go shopping and find nothing that I want to buy. Maybe that’s just me.

So sis and I contented ourselves with finding a lovely Italian restaurant and having a leisurely late lunch and then celebrated by finding our way back to the hotel without me getting us lost! WooHoo!

Tomorrow – horse riding!

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