Day 7 – Feeling the Strain

Yesterday was a rest day. We walked over nine miles again on Friday and by Saturday morning all muscles were starting to scream in protest.

We decided that we really needed to get to the end of the holiday in one piece and so we decided to have a rest day.  And we did.  We achieved nothing.  Mind you – as a round trip to the café to get coffee is nearly 1/2 a mile, we still managed to clock up a few steps on the old Fitbit but nothing like the 17-18K steps a day that we have been achieving!

This morning the sun was shining and it was looking like it was going to be a beautiful Sunday so we made the decision to get the valet to bring the car round and we were going to drive up to the Valley of Fire for a look see.  We thought that something not too physically taxing may be a good idea as we had a Pink Jeep Bright Lights tour booked for the evening and didn’t really want to be falling asleep on the route!

We headed off up I-15 and arrived at the West Entrance to the Valley by about 10.30.  We had pulled over to allow a slew of motorcycles past us as we were unwilling to exceed the speed limit (being good tourists and all) and as we came around the final bend, the view of the rocks nearly took our breath away.  Unfortunately the photo doesn’t really do justice but you may get an idea if you’ve never visited.

View approaching West Entrance
View approaching West Entrance

We meandered through the Park, taking in the stunning scenery and admiring the azure blue sky and enjoying the sunshine and the smell of the fresh air coming through our open windows.

We stopped off at the Visitor Centre (and came across some of the motorcycles that had passed us earlier) and we had a mooch through their exhibits and a look around the shop then headed off up White Domes Road.

We stopped at most of the parking spots on the way up and got some more pictures of the Beehives:

The Beehives
The Beehives

At the end of White Domes Road was a shortish hiking trail (about a 45 minute hike). We opted not to take the hike as it was getting quite warm and we had promised ourselves an easy day. We basked in the sunshine for a while, admiring the view and taking more pictures and finally headed back to Las Vegas in the car.

There were a lot of other trails in the park we could have walked along and plenty of other places to visit and maybe if and when we come back to Nevada, we’d like to spend a couple of days exploring the Park properly – it really is stunningly beautiful.

As we drove back down the Valley of Fire Highway, it occurred to us that we had done the right thing by coming early in the morning as the constant stream of vehicles in the other direction demonstrated.

Once we got back to the hotel, we had enough time to freshen up before being picked up by a very Pink Jeep and driven up the Strip to enjoy the Bright Lights Tour. We had some concerns about the jeep being open as the nights here in Vegas can be a little chilly. Not chilly in comparison to the UK you understand but once you’ve been here for nearly a week, you get used to the slightly balmy weather, even in November!

We needn’t have worried – the jeep had heating blasting around our legs so despite our hair looking like we’d been on a really scary rollercoaster by the time we’d finished the tour, we were warm enough. We unfortunately missed the Bellagio fountain show at 9pm as we’d spent a little too long on Fremont Street but that’s OK – we still have nearly a week left to get there.

Fremont Street – now there was an experience. Obviously Downtown Vegas is buzzing in the evenings and there’s a fair amount to see in Fremont Street and although we “experienced” the Fremont Street Experience and ooh-d and aah-d at the amazing ceiling display, it was all a bit loud for me, quite frankly. This from a woman who used to love nothing better than cranking up the volume until the walls shook. Sigh. Just goes to show I’m getting older I guess. There was also some good live music out and about on the Street and sis finally got to see an Elvis impersonator on stage (who was damned good I might add).

All in all, we were glad to get back into the warmth of the hotel at a decent time as the next day was a *very* early call for the Canyon!


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