One of the things I’ve really noticed while I’ve been battling to get myself back to full health is my tolerance for stupidity has gone so low that I find myself muttering about idiots almost constantly.

The irritation is irritating.  And disappointing

Before my health started to decline, I was in a good place.  I’d got the point where I could just look and tut and stupidity would simply wash over me without leaving a mark.  One of the unfortunate symptoms of B12 deficiency is increased irritation – yes really!  If I’d been aware of that 12 months ago, I may have diagnosed myself much earlier.  I put it down to probably fighting something off, menopause, lack of coffee, lack of chocolate – all sorts of things.  Because I had no idea what was really causing it.  All I can say is that the sooner I get back to my normal self, the happier I’ll be (in more ways than one) to not have idiot drivers bugging the crap out of me on the way to work.  The downside is that will leave me with much less blog fodder.

I’ve tried to turn the driving stupidity into a game on my trip into work.  That way it seems to minimise the impact and results in me being marginally less pissy during the rest of the day.  There is a company (who shall remain nameless) which has a rather large office on the same Business Park as the company I work for.  The entrance to their car park is at the turning before the one that I use.  I can almost guarantee that if I see a particularly knob-headed driver in the last mile or two before work, it’s almost a guarantee that when we get to this particular junction, they will turn into the car park of that company. So when the behaviour is spotted, I have a game with myself and run the odds that they work for that particular company and calculate it based on the car (BMW/Merc/Audi is almost a guarantee), speed of driving (the faster they’re driving the more likely it is) and how knobbish the behaviour (if they cut someone up, it’s pretty much a slam dunk).

Another large company (which shall also remain nameless) and occupies the building on the next block, seems to employ people based on their ability to be lemmings.  The Business Park is not that big but it has lots of parking spaces which are well marked – it’s not that hard to get to that you have to drive and there are indeed bus routes which drive through said park and deposit people close to where they work.  For that reason (and many others) the kind people who built the estate also built pavements. p.a.v.e.m.e.n.t.s.  They’re the things that are made for pedestrians to use when they’re getting from A to B.

Or are they just decorative?

If you work for the company at the next block over, they’re  decorative.  Obviously.  Otherwise why would these people walk right through the middle of the car park?  They don’t even bother to move over or even quicken their pace whenever a vehicle is coming straight towards them.  Why not?  They know that the drivers will stop, move out of the way or slow up and avoid them.  Or even wait for them to carry on walking at a slow pace and clear the vicinity of the parking space that the driver of said vehicle wants to use because we’re such a nice lot.  Aren’t we?  Maybe some of the others are. <evil grin>  I’ve taken great delight in driving right up to an oblivious pedestrian and frightening the life out of them as they didn’t even notice me until I was about 6″ from them.  Serves him right for wearing headphones.  Funnily enough, I haven’t seen him do it again since.  Can’t think why.

So.  Next time you think someone’s being particularly irritable – maybe it’s just because there are too many knobheads around.


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