Shouty TV

I’m a firm believer that venting your feelings is very beneficial.  This can, however, be a little bit of a problem when you live on your own.  Don’t get me wrong – my cats are very good listeners but, to be fair, they rarely give me the opportunity to vent.

So I watch Shouty TV.

Obviously there isn’t a programme with that title, but there are lots of shows that I love to shout at.  And that give me good reason to shout.  One of them is “One Born Every Minute”.  I save these programmes on the planner and view them on a day when I suspect that a vent is brewing.  It never fails to disappoint:  from the moment some idiot comes on screen saying “… we were only together for a week/fortnight/month when I found out I was pregnant …” I know I’m going to be in for a good rant at the TV.  You can guarantee that type of person is going to make other, equally stupid, comments as the programme progresses and I’ll be in my element: muttering, cursing and yelling at the screen.  It’s very satisfactory and I can almost guarantee to predict certain acts of stupidity that will be shown.  I’m rarely wrong.  The lack of forethought, foresight and forward planning never ceases to amaze me.  Do these women/girls think they’re going to gestate for nine months and then just pop into hospital for a couple of hours, pop out a baby in painless fashion and then go home to live happily ever after?  Apparently they do.  I have to admit to having a certain devilish satisfaction in seeing them writing around in pain.  I don’t like to see any living being in pain normally but I’ll make an exception in the case of some of these people.  Shame it doesn’t teach them anything.

Another one is the “Real Housewives of …” [pick your poison]. I’m fully aware of the careful use of editing here but really – these are supposedly mature women who, most of time, behave like their still in High School. I mean – seriously – I haven’t displayed adolescent behaviour like that since … well since I was an adolescent quite frankly. I often say that I never wanted to grow up but I don’t think that some of these women ever have.

And so that’s my guilty pleasure – Shouty TV. I’ve had a good vent at the screen this afternoon and feel much better for it.


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