Insomnia Caused by Irritation

Did I say irritation?  I should have said anger with a side order of outrage and a dash of disappointment.

I know I said I’d keep all the doctor-type stuff and whinging to the “other” blog but as the “other” stuff impacted my sleep last night (or rather the early hours of this morning) it’s going in here.

I got a response from the Endocrinologist yesterday.  Well, my doctor got a letter and I was cc’d on it.  He gave the results of the blood tests that were done – they were sort of inserted, as an afterthought, at the foot of the letter.  Results.  With no references ranges.  “Helpful” I thought.  So I hopped onto the web and had a little word with my favourite search engine and found the reference ranges (the hospital is kind enough to have them kicking around on their website).

“Normal and reassuring” he said they were.  I reached for my favourite head banging cushion as I sifted through the results and his letter, which seemed to indicate that he doesn’t think there’s a problem.  Sigh.  I put the letter to one side and continued with the rest of my evening and headed off to bed at a decent time.

My subconscious decided that it wasn’t on one side at all and demonstrated the fact by waking me up at 2.00am and throwing loads of suggestions for responses to the letter into my head and refusing to let them stop whirling around.  At about 2.30 I gave up, thoroughly pissed off, and headed downstairs to fire up the laptop.  Awake.  Muttering to myself. And bloody irritated.

By 3.30, the letter was complete.  I posted it on HealthUnlocked, more as a way of venting and showing my solidarity to those who are suffering in a similar manner, but there was an element of posting it for a sanity check to make sure I hadn’t stepped over the line or made any wildly incorrect assertions (you’d be amazed how many things seem plausible at 3.00am).

You can see the blog post with the text of the letter here if you’re curious.

Anyhoo, by the time I got back upstairs and into bed, it was past 4am and my alarm went off at 6am.  Bog eyed?  Oh yeah. I managed to get through breakfast and all the usual morning stuff and got into the office around 8.00am only to find my post on HU has gone a bit nuts!  Loads of votes of support (which is heartwarming) and no negativity at all.

I’m starting to think I should start a crusade.


4 thoughts on “Insomnia Caused by Irritation

    1. I am very lucky in that I hardly ever suffer from this particular affliction. I’m hoping that getting the letter written has put an end to it 😐

      1. well. we hope for the best! if you’re still struggling you can check out our blog, facebook ( and twitter (, we usually post interesting and helpful things about getting better sleep by likeminded insomniacs:)

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