Sense of Humour Returning

I know I must be feeling better as the idiots on the commute into work this morning didn’t stress me out – they just made me laugh.

There’s a stretch of dual carriageway which normally runs fairly quickly at the time I come into work. The speed limit is 60mph and so, of course, you get the Mercs and BMWs caning up there at 85+ as usual. This morning, however, there were two rather large vehicles which came around the roundabout and onto this section together, side by side. The stretch lasts about a mile and a half before the next roundabout so it’s a pretty good guess that one HGV probably isn’t going to get past the other within that distance so I settled in behind and waited for the idiots.

Sure enough, less than half a mile elapsed before a Hyundai came flying past me and up the inside lane. The visibility on this section of road is pretty good so it’s not really as if you can miss the hulking mass of the HGVs a few hundred yards ahead, although you might miss the tiny little Ford Ka practically sticking to the lorry in the outside lane like s*** to a blanket

Within 10 seconds, along comes (yes, you’ve guessed it) a BMW. Well – hey – what a surprise! I saw it screaming up the inside lane, probably at around 80mph and just watched. And waited. The bet with myself meant that I lost out on when he would slam on the brakes by a split second as he obviously hadn’t noticed the two massive lorries vying for position. Or the little Ford Ka. Or the Hyundai behind that. And certainly didn’t notice that there’s a nice big space in the inside lane that everyone was ignoring.

It still makes me laugh that BMWs don’t seem to work in the inside lane. On any road. Well – obviously they don’t as you never see them anywhere other than in the fast lane. Because that’s what they are isn’t it? Fast. It really is a shame that they are predominantly driven by short sighted muppets.

Anyhoo. My point is that, normally, this sort of thing makes me want to spit blood, crash into the offending vehicles, pull the driver out and pummel their faces into the tarmac. Not this morning. This morning I laughed.  And laughed.

It was a good feeling.



One thought on “Sense of Humour Returning

  1. that’s all you can do is laugh at the idiot drivers and stay away from them…when we travel we enjoy watching the lunacy on the road…..makes for a good laugh….and we are in an RV….beemers do not ever want to be behind an RV… demotes them on the road….so to mess with them makes my day!!! LOL glad your having a happy commute….

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