Pills and Ills

Everywhere I look at the moment, I seem to be bombarded with messages about medication: new medication; improved medication; new and improved medication; preventative medication.


Maybe it’s my age – now that I’ve reached a certain point in my life, it’s assumed that I’m going to start suffering from all sorts of things for which medication will become an absolute necessity and I *must* start thinking about it now.

I say “Bollocks”

Over the last few years, I’ve become increasingly suspicious of medication.  Maybe it’s partly because of all the reading I’ve been doing whilst trying to educate myself about nutrition: trying to find out what’s good for me, what’s bad for me, what I should be eating and what I should be avoiding and why. Up until a few years ago I would blindly have taken any medication that the doctor prescribed for me and certainly, until I had to fight with my doctor over getting a diagnosis of ME, I had lots of faith in the medical profession, even if most of them did infuriate me from time to time by treating me like an imbecile.

I was on medication for gastric reflux for the best part of 20 years.  Until about 18 months ago.  Someone suggested that perhaps my stomach problems were down to a lack of stomach acid rather than overproduction thereof.  I looked into it, found a number of resources, read a lot, did a couple of easy tests and found that the medication I’d been using was doing me a disservice.  I stopped taking the medication and instead substituted digestive enzymes.  I rarely suffer now and usually only when I’ve overdone the protein in my food.  After five months of testing out my theory, I mentioned to my doctor that he could cancel the repeat prescription for PPIs (the drugs, not the nuisance calls – who’d want those on prescription?) and briefly ran through what I’d discovered and what I’d tried.  When I left, he was looking into it himself!

Nowadays, its so much easier to get as much or as little information as you need to make informed choices about what you use to nourish yourself and your body that there’s little excuse for a shoddy diet.

I subscribe to the Daily Health Post on Facebook.  Some of the posts are stuff I already know and some have very interesting hints and tips.  Today, for instance, I’ve seen an item on potentially reversing the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease (a subject close to my heart as my father suffered from this horrible condition).  The basics involved cutting out simple carbs and processed food and eating a balanced diet.  Not rocket science but useful information.

Below it, Facebook has done its usual “Related Links” stuff, one of them being “New drug may attack Alzheimer’s underlying cause …”.  For Fucks Sake.  If the underlying cause is eating a shitty diet, why would anyone be stupid enough to think that taking a pill is the way to stave off the condition?

Unfortunately, it seems that the majority of people don’t want to take responsibility for their own health.  I’m quite staggered at the apathy of the general population and the lack of concern over their own health.  Is it apathy or something more sinister?  Why do people accept their symptoms and ills at face value and seem to have absolutely no interest in addressing them and fixing the root cause?  Are they asleep with their eyes open?

I remember someone with whom I was acquainted 30+ years ago who was diagnosed with leukaemia, which was pretty much a guaranteed death sentence back then.  She had received one of the early bone marrow transplants in an attempt to beat the disease into remission.  Unfortunately it was unsuccessful.  She and her mother attended a workshop on macrobiotics and how to implement a macrobiotic diet – even then they were achieving some fairly impressive results.  Her response after the workshop?

“Oh I don’t think I’ll bother, it’s too much trouble to do that”

WTF?  Right enough, I’m sure it’s much easier to die than to try something to save your life – isn’t it?

I do realise that I may have a slightly simplistic view of things sometimes but just because it’s simple, does that mean it’s wrong?


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