The Cat Lady

I used to joke when I was younger that my biggest ambition in life was to become a Crazy Cat Lady.  It was never serious – I mean – the cat lady is a stereotypically grumpy old woman who sits around in her smelly old house, surrounded by her feline brood, shunning human company and muttering to herself.



I have four cats.  And no other living companions.  I talk to them all the time, they curl up with me at night and they never answer back.  Well, not often.  If they’re lying on my part of the sofa, I’ll sit somewhere else.  In years gone by, I’ve been known to be sleeping in an “s” shape on the bed to fit in around them rather than turf them off.  I addressed that one by buying a larger bed.  Clever eh?

I do not dress them up their own clothes.  They do not have their own rooms but they do have their own toys, even if they do turn their noses up at most of them and prefer to bat around a piece of silver paper or string for hours rather than the fluffy mouse toy I got for them.

Do I prefer them to human company?  Yes probably.  Would I ever consider not having a cat?  Not on your life.  Does that make me a Crazy Cat Lady?  Your choice.



3 thoughts on “The Cat Lady

  1. love it….there is nothing wrong being a crazy le cat lady, adds character to you…my daughter has 2 males, fixed, big old cats, since they were little tiny brothers….she does have a husband who finally gave in and the cats rule the house…LOL I love cats, but have a dog, and my husband is not a cat fan…probably because he had to deal with his first wife’s cats when she was to sick to care for them…I think that animals and cats in particular help mold us into a better, kind, loving human being….love your post… crazy ole cat lady…LOL

  2. Cool post, love it. A cheap toy is a scrunched up crisp packet, and then flick it and watch the cats go. Nought wrong with that ambition, if only you got paid for it.

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