Hands Free?

The latest snippet of news to hack me off is that there is now talk of banning hands free use of mobile phones in cars.  Whereas I can understand and fully support the ban on use of holding and using a mobile phone whilst driving, to ban the use of handsfree because it’s “a distraction” I find to be a complete and utter nonsense.

If they’re seriously considering this ban on the grounds of studies which say things like ” …drivers using hands-free devices were significantly more likely to make a host of potentially hazardous errors …” then realistically (and logically) the next step will have to be banning any passengers in cars.  If talking on a phone is a distraction, then – surely – talking to anyone else in the car is just as much of a distraction – isn’t it?

What’s next?  I’ll tell you what – let’s ban talking to yourself in the car, taking any notice of what’s being said on the radio while you’re driving a car.  Better still, let’s just ban listening to the radio completely – that’s a distraction isn’t it?

Oh yeah – and while we’re at it – let’s ban all music in cars.  So many people play it so loud that it’s surely a distraction?  Not only to the people driving the car but to anyone in the vicinity.  “I didn’t mean to stop off the pavement into the incoming traffic, but that car’s music was so loud that I was distracted.  I’m going to take them to court and sue them for distracting me”.  Yeah.  That’ll wash eh?

Better still – let’s bring in legislation so that you have to have both hands on the wheel at all times, except when changing gear.  And why stop there?  Let’s put switches for the gears on the steering wheel itself so they’re legally unable to remove their hands from the wheel at all!

Then let’s have a mandatory install of internal and external cameras and an enforced upload of all of the data at the end of every day to a server which can analyse all the data and flag up any footage which shows someone breaking one of these laws.

Surely that’ll solve all the problems won’t it?

Oh I forgot.  That still won’t force an upload of common sense though will it?  Will it make any difference to the bozos who drive around with their phones clamped to their ears whilst driving, or the ones who text whilst driving?  No.  Didn’t think so.

The reason I wouldn’t – and never have – driven with my phone clamped to my ear is actually nothing to do with the law.  It’s down to the fact that it restricts what I am capable of doing with the car as far as steering, vision and control are concerned.  It’s the same reason I don’t even have one drink if I’m driving to or from anywhere.  My standpoint is that I am, effectively, driving a potentially lethal weapon and it is my responsibility to do that as safely and considerately as possible.

Unfortunately, not everybody shares this view (see bozos mentioned above).  There are some who regard the law regarding mobile phone use while driving as an inconvenience or, worse, they believe it does not and should not apply to them.  Obviously they’re far too important to have to adhere to a law as draconian as this one.  The world was created and exists for their sole pleasure – doesn’t it?  You know them – they’re the ones who tear around at high speed, cutting everyone up and probably not giving a shit about anyone else in any other area of their life either.

I’m starting to feel like an episode of General Cheeseburger coming on. Let’s just round ’em all up, put ’em in a field and …..



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