Is It Just Age?

During this last three+ years that I’ve been taking better care of myself, getting fitter, improving my eating habits (which were, at times, shockingly bad) I’ve been getting older. Funny that. Time really doesn’t stand still, despite feeling as thought it’s creeping forward with the speed of molasses in a frosty January.


There are certain things that are a given as you get older: things don’t move quite as well as they used to; your eyes don’t work quite as well; your joints and bones are often more sensitive to changes in weather; and you get better at listening to what your body is telling you (well, some of us find that skill improves anyway). Despite my fitness kick having the added bonus of me losing weight, that was never the primary aim and weight loss was just an added bonus and, at first, it came off fairly steadily. Then I had to deal with the elephant skin. shar-pei Sigh. That was unexpected but I took it in my stride and just carried on regardless. I’m sure there’ll be more about that in another blog somewhere. About 18 months ago my weight loss stagnated. I figured it was a plateau and wasn’t particularly bothered so I just carried on improving my general fitness. What really bugged me was having a really good week when did I loads of cardio, strength and resistance only to find that my weight actually increased slightly. I inwardly searched for any reason for this stagnation and addressed everything I came up with.


Later on last year I was beset by a Series of Unfortunate Incidents (fell off bike and bruised ribs quite badly, got full blown flu, broke my wrist) which meant that my physical activities became curtailed for a while. I wasn’t even unduly concerned when my mojo appeared to have packed its little suitcase and gone on holiday and I no longer particularly felt like doing anything active.


Then my brain packed itself in a thin layer of cotton wool and I had a couple of senior moments. Whoa! I’m not bloody ready for any of those yet. Then I found that exercise was causing me pain. Not the “you’ve just overdone it” pain or the “oops, you haven’t used these muscles for a while” pain. I’d turned into a senior citizen overnight. At the moment, when I get up in the mornings there’s so much of me that hurts – it’s just not funny any more. I have a brilliant osteopath who always manages to get me moving. But two days on from the last treatment, it’s not much better. What’s worse is that I actually don’t know how I got into this mess!

The other day, an article posted on the Daily Health Post caught my eye: Top 10 Signs You May Have a Thyroid Problem And What You Can Do About It

Suddenly the lightbulb above my head went on. I spent a fair chunk of time talking to my good friend Google (I rarely take anything I read first time as the truth) and I read and researched and numerous pieces of the health puzzle started to fall into place in my head. I don’t like not being well but don’t believe in being so much of an ostrich that I won’t look into something so I’ve got blood tests booked at the doctor and will see what happens.

Let me just say that I’m not using this as an excuse to sit on my (still larger than it should be) butt and do nothing. I just accept that it’s going to be harder than usual until I figure out what’s going on physically.

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