Have Faith in Human Nature (Sometimes)

I worry about my occasional senior moments but in reality I’ve been having absent-minded incidents since I was much younger and am pretty sure everyone suffers from “head off, cabbage on” syndrome every now and again.

One Saturday afternoon a few years ago, I’d gone to my local supermarket to pick up a few things and used one of the large trolleys to carry my wares.  At that time I used a small backpack rather than a handbag and used to hang it off the handy little hook thing under the handle of the trolley.  Off I poddled, did my shopping, packed it up and took it home.  I unpacked, put everything away and looked around for my backpack.  It wasn’t huge but not that easy to miss but I simply couldn’t find it anywhere.

My heart sank.

I’d left the bloody thing hanging off the trolley at the supermarket.  Complete with chequebook, wallet and credit cards.


At that point, I felt like the contents of my guts were about to fall out without resistance.  You know what I mean

I hotfooted it back into the car and returned to the supermarket car park.  No bag.

I searched all the trolley bays around where I’d been parked.  No bag

I asked the trolley attendant and checked with supermarket staff just in case anyone had handed it in.  No bag

At this point, I started to panic.  Just a little.  I’d remembered that my passport and driving licence were also in the bag.  In fact, pretty much my entire identity.  Oops.

As soon as I got home, I called my bank and cancelled the cheques, credit cards and everything.  I figured I’d do something about the passport and driving licence when the new week started.  I felt physically sick.  I also felt like a complete idiot.

Two days later, the postman arrived with a parcel.  I wasn’t expecting anything so was a little puzzled.  When I opened it up, there was my rucksack – all neatly packed in and complete with everything, including my wallet, money, credit cards, driving licence and passport.  Whoever had returned it to me hadn’t even taken any money out to post the bag back to me.  Unfortunately neither had they left any indication of who they were, so I have been completely unable to thank that very kind Samaritan personally.

All I can say is that my karmic bank balance must have been well into the black at that point in my life, for which I am eternally grateful.


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